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Societal Acceptance of Drones in Urban Switzerland (SADUS)

Researchers Involved

Dr. Ning Wang

Prof. Dr. Karl Blanchet

Nico Mutzner

research areas

Digital Ethics
Drones for Good
Social Acceptance
Technology & Society


2022 - 2023


In this project, DSI researchers aim to develop evidence-based knowledge around the prevailing perceptions about, and the divergent attitudes toward, urban use of drones, to raise awareness of the ethical and social implications related to the deployment of high-impact technologies more broadly.


The increasing demands and high potentials of drones used in urban settings touch upon a number of ethical and social issues. This project sets out to examine the ethical risks associated with urban drones, the regulatory frameworks within which they operate, and the societal acceptance of their deployment at scale, in the Swiss context. Project partners include the University of Geneva, as well as leading industry and civil society members and the Canton of Zurich. The project is seed-funded by the UZH Global Strategy and Partnership Funding Scheme.

More info about the project here.