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Enhancing Value Sensitivity in Emerging Technology (EVSET)

Researchers Involved

Dr. Ning Wang

research areas

Digital Ethics
Technology & Society


2021 - 2022


This blended course seeks to introduce the concept of «value sensitive innovation» from inter-disciplinary perspectives, and to equip young scientists and future innovators with a value-based innovation mindset and a set of practical toolkits.


Digital technologies are powerful tools to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). However, technological innovation may intersect with values, norms, and moral commitments, and may bring unintended harmful consequences or hinder environmental, economic and social improvements. A responsible way forward proposes addressing ethical and societal values in the development of high impact technologies before they are introduced and integrated in society. This approach helps enhance technologists’ and innovators’ sensitivity to societal values throughout the innovation practices. The project is funded by the UZH Teaching Fund (ULF) through the Open Innovation Program.

More info about the project here.

Self-Learning Tool


This course consists of four learning elements: face-to-face lectures and discussions during seminars (including invited guest lectures), online self-learning sessions on OLAT, individual or group work around own innovation ideas or projects, and a pitch session to a jury board as the final presentation. To access the self-learning materials, please log in with your OLAT credentials following the below link.

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Course Offerings


This course can be offered as a stand-alone blended course across different semesters at UZH. It can also be offered upon request beyond universities, e.g., as a thematic session embedded in trainings on innovation more broadly. For making requests, please contact The BRIDGE Lab by writing to:

UZH Innovation Hub Spring & Fall Semester

DSI Excellence Program – Spring Semester 2023