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Apéro Digital

Researchers Involved

Dr. Ning Wang

Dr. Ricardo Chavarriaga

Hannah Lea Dykast

Başak Yalman

research areas

Digital Ethics
Technology & Society


2024 - 2025

Apéro Digital events are composed of public talks around topics related to human-centered technology and value-based innovation, alongside peer exchanges, interactions, and networking opportunities over networking Apéros, taking place at important cultural and artistic venues around the Greater Zurich Area.

Combining techniques of technology foresight, storytelling, and sharing of lived experiences, Apéro Digital facilitates the co-creation of reflexive environments to support the understanding of societal transformations around digitalisation. Each event will result in a tangible artefact that is co-produced by participants. These outputs may be technical, argumentative, artistic, or analytical, all with the aim of adding values to the collective reflections about, and strategic navigation around, societal challenges posed by the ongoing digital transformation.

The project is a collaboration between The BRIDGE Lab and the the Swiss CLAIRE office, funded by the DIZH and supported by a wide range of project partners, including Canton of Zurich, Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW), TA Swiss, Zurich Knowledge Center of Sustainable Development (ZKSD), Swiss Post Innovation, Data Innovation Alliance (d+i), Algorithm Watch, Dezentrum, Swiss Digital Initiative (SDI), and Innovation Booster Robotics.

Please make sure to RSVP to the event of your interest via the event registration link. More info about the project here. Follow us too on LinkedIn.

Apéro Digital II – Manufacturing Innovation

19.06.2024 @15:00

Rämistrasse 69, 8001 Zurich

Digital Society Initiative (DSI)

Is the innovation capacity of the Swiss industry at risk? What are the innovative strengths, challenges, and opportunities in industry R&D? How can stakeholders foster cross-sectoral collaboration strategically?

Apéro Digital is launching its second event, in collaboration with the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW), on the topic Collaboration in R&D for the Swiss Manufacturing Industry. At this vernissage event, we will learn about the results of the latest study by the SATW in collaboration with the Swissmem on future-oriented investments for innovation, and explore how various players from business, politics, and science can benefit from active collaboration with each other. Confirmed speakers include:

The event offers an opportunity for SMEs, innovators, and business leaders to exchange ideas with experts and partners. Our goal is supporting the Swiss industry to continue standing out in an increasingly competitive international environment in the future. The event will conclude with an exquisite Apéro Riche for community networking. Come join us to manufacture innovation!

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Apéro Digital I – Trust Certified?

22.05.2024 @15:00

Rämistrasse 69, 8001 Zurich

Digital Society Initiative (DSI)

Can trust be certified? If so, who should be granting it? According to what criteria? Who will be using it? At what cost and with what benefit?

Apéro Digital is launching its first event, in collaboration with the Swiss Digital Initiative (SDI), on the topic Certification Labels for AI Systems. In this event, stakeholders interested in AI certification or currently involved in such efforts will gather to explore certification frameworks, such as Digital Trust Labels, through participatory and co-creation approaches. Confirmed speakers include:

The event offers a curated space for AI innovators, developers, operators, as well as ethical, legal and regulatory experts to exchange insights and share experiences, and to identify opportunities and challenges for navigating the path forward. Our goal is raising awareness of AI certification methodologies, and empowering the innovation community with enhanced collective understanding. The event will conclude with an exquisite Apéro Riche for community networking. Come join us to shape a digital future that is trustworthy!

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Sample topics







  • Societal acceptance of disruptive technology
  • Governance of online platforms
  • Science diplomacy for digital technologies
  • Generative AI and the impacts of niche applications
  • Neurotechnology and the hype of human enhancement
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