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Invitation_Making Sense of AI Hype_Sept 22, 5pm

Invitation_Making Sense of AI Hype_Sept 22, 5pm Article Image

3. September 2023

We are very happy to invite you to a public event “Making Sense of AI Hype” organized by the DSI-Ethics Community.

Location: Digital Society Initiative (DSI), University of Zurich, Raemistr. 69, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland, or online via Zoom

Date: September 22, 5pm 2023

Registration here


  • How to make sense of the fast development of AI?
  • How to distinguish the different AI hypes from the underlying myths
  • How to navigate its ethical and societal implications?
  • How can ethics and philosophy help?

Format: A public event with keynote by Prof. Zimmerli with panel discussion

Keynote by Prof. Zimmerli


Since Chat GPT we are witnessing another global AI hype. In his public lecture Swiss philosopher Walther Ch. Zimmerli tries to unveil the hidden mechanism behind the undeniable success-stories of AI by reconstructing its history of recurring hype-cycles beginning with what he calls the „Dartmouth Conspiracy“ and Turing’s „rehabilitation of deception“. The underlying suggestive power of the idea of AI, however, must be attributed to its mythical character as is demonstrated both by contrasting the Gartner hype-cycle theory with the philosophy of myth (Blumenberg) and by semiotically explaining it in terms of analogies and metaphors.



  • Jana Sedlakova